About Us

Luke, Sophie, Sabrina, Kai and Rosemary found each other over the years while participating in school shows, actor-training programmes and various theatre productions. We are five people who have a deep love for and commitment to the theatre. We believe there are plenty of like-minded and talented people out there who can come together to create fantastic shows in their free time.

We would like to invite everyone who’s passionate about theatre to join us in making our shows. Whether you’re interested in acting, production or technical work, we’d love to hear from you!


Our Tenets


Theatre that is rooted in our culture

Because we believe our theatre is most truthful when we draw from what we love and know best.

Committed performances

Because we believe passionate volunteers bring to the stage a special energy and heartfelt commitment.

Open calls for cast and crew

Because we believe there are many like-minded people out there who want to be involved in theatre.

Good production values

Because we believe it is important to be rigorous about the quality of our productions.



Our Team

Luke Kwek
Sophie Khoo
Sabrina Lim
Chan Jun Kai
Rosemary Chan
Luke KwekArtistic Director Sophie KhooProducer Sabrina LimProducer Chan Jun KaiFinance Rosemary ChanMarketing
Luke is currently a senior legal counsel at a local organisation. He studied Theatre Studies & Drama in Victoria Junior College, and has since trained with The Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Young Co., Wild Rice’s Young n W!LD (until the programme was discontinued in 2011) and CAKE Theatrical Ensemble’s training playground In a Decade. Luke has performed in local plays and musicals including several by Action Theatre (The Admiral’s Odyssey), the Singapore Repertory Theatre (Forbidden City; Man of Letters), Toy Factory, iTheatre and of course CAKE (One Day in this Place; Temple: Reconstructed), and his short film credits include Katong Fugue by Boo Junfeng. His writing credits include roses & hello (a musical for the NUS Law Faculty), Pantang: A Docu-Play (produced by the OC team) and Temple: Reconstructed (co-written by Gloria Ng, for In a Decade). The plays he has directed include roses & hello, Pantang: A Docu-Play (as co-director) and Three Children & Hokkien Me: A Double-Bill (OC, 2013) Sophie is a lawyer who acts and produces theatre shows in her free time. Sophie has been involved in theatrical productions since her school days. She has trained with the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Young Company, Wild Rice’s Young and Wild! (in its tragically short 2012 season) and with Sue Tordoff (voice). Selected credits: Grimm Tales (SRT), Incredible Tales (Mediacorp), Pantang: A Docu-Play (TLP), Winter Solstice (short film, Tisch Asia), Lanterns Never Go Out (Yellow Chair Productions), roses & hello (NUS Law IV musical). Sabrina was trained in Theatre Studies & Drama at Victoria Junior College. Thereafter, she was waylaid by various other pursuits, studying Literautre and Sociology before embarking on a career specialising in public relations for the Government and also spending some time living in Shanghai. In recent years, she has returned to joining the theatre by volunteering in stage and production management. She started off as an Assistant Stage Manager for Our Company Limited’s There Children and Hokkien Me, and Stage Manager for Yellow Chair Productions’ Tempest: Strong in a Teacup (both 2013). In 2014, she was the Production Manager for Our Company’s adaptation of the Ibsen classic A Doll’s House, titled Dear Nora.
Following the production, Sarbina was invited by Our Company to join it as a new producer and company director. She is currently working with the rest of Our Company on a new production for 2015.
Kai is a full-time product manager who has sold, directed and produced multiple theatre shows. During his undergraduate studies at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) School of Business, Kai headed the Kent Ridge Drama Club (KRX) and directed a full-scale musical, Telling Tales, Living Dreams (Kent Ridge Hall Production 2010). Beyond NUS, he has also produced Love & Other Oddities (by Theatre Lab Productions) and Pantang: A Docu-Play (also by TLP). Kai founded N3 Solutions LLP in 2010 and grew it into a business that generates an annual turnover of almost SGD100,000. Kai has a keen interest in developing ideas to make theatre companies financially sustainable and hopes to implement such ideas in reality. Rosemary has recently completed her MA in English under a scholarship with NTU. Her affair with the theatre started as a child with LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) speech & drama classes. She was part of Anglo-Chinese Junior College’s Drama Elective Programme and has acted in theatre productions such as Three Children & Hokkien Me: A Double-Bill (2013), Off-Centre(2012), Lanterns Never Go Out (2012), Grimm Tales (2011), Wo(men) (2009), Some Girl(s) (2008), and West Side Story (2007). Rosemary also trained with Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Young Company and has since gone on to explore other areas of the theatre such as directing and producing. She is currently also a part of the Yellow Chair Productions team. Rosemary hopes to be able to keep acting, directing, and being a part of amazing productions.